Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Husband (On the Cheap)

In keeping with my "10 Ways" posts that have been so popular, here are some of my favorite, inexpensive, quality time ideas. Please also check out my posts 10 Ways to Serve Your Spouse and 10 Ways to Encourage Your Husband With Words.

In my life, with two young children as well as my mother and my best friend all under one roof, finding quality time with my guy can be pretty challenging. Often, by the time we have a few minutes alone, we just want to veg out in front of the tv or sleep. It's sad, but true. Yet, quality time is so important to the health of my marriage. Without connecting in a quality way, my husband and I risk becoming distant from one another. We could easily get so caught up in the necessary tasks of our everyday life that we become more like roommates or business partners than a married couple.

When you add financial limitations to a full schedule, quality time can seem impossible. So, here are my ten favorite ideas for spending quality time with your spouse on a budget. Many are free, and the others are pretty inexpensive.These aren't all necessarily "dates" but could definitely work as a date-night activity.

  1. Go to a drive-in type restaurant, get a milkshake, sit in the car, and talk.
  2. Take a walk through your neighborhood without the kids.
  3. Go sightseeing in your own town. Research historic sites that are free or cheap to visit.
  4. Take a picnic to a local park.
  5. Play board games, cards, or dominoes together after the kids are asleep.
  6. Go to a restaurant, order an appetizer, and talk.
  7. Look through your old photo albums or watch home movies together.
  8. Bring him lunch at work (home made or take-out) and then eat it with him at his office.
  9. Work on a project together, like yard work or washing your cars.
  10. Go ice skating! (our area has an indoor rink that is open year-round and is really inexpensive)
Any other ideas? What do you do to sneak in some extra quality time with your honey?

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