Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 Ways to Encourage Your Husband With Words

Therefore, encourage each other and strengthen one another as you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Last week I wrote a post about serving your spouse. You can read that post here. To date, it is my most read, most shared, and most talked about post. In fact, it has been viewed more than all my other posts combined. This week I am hoping to expand on that idea and give you ten ways to encourage your husband with your words. Men don't tend to be as wordy as women, and yet a man shines when he is praised verbally. I have heard it said that you multiply your praise by the number of people that hear you praising. So, if it is natural and genuine, saying these things to your husband in the presence of others will amplify the effect they have on him. I also sometimes write a short affirmation on a sticky note and stick it on the bottom of his lunch box. He doesn't have to pick it up and unfold it (and face ridicule and jokes from his co-workers), he can simply read it as he is taking out his lunch items.

A word of caution: As a woman, I can tend to do these things with the expectation that they will be reciprocated. I can easily fall into the trap of thinking I have been encouraging him and building him up all week, but he hasn't said a nice thing to me! That is not the goal here. Don't plant that seed of resentment in your heart! It will taint everything that you do for or say to your husband! And don't say things that you do not genuinely mean. If you read one of these affirmations and think That is so not my husband! Don't fake it. He will know that you are insincere. Rather, think of ways that you can genuinely affirm him, and pray about your perception of him in the areas where you think he is failing.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Husband With Words

  1. Thank you for going to work every day and providing so well for us.
  2. You are so good with the kids!
  3. You make me laugh!
  4. You really have a talent for ________.
  5. You look good in that.
  6. You smell good.
  7. You are so thoughtful.
  8. Thanks for keeping a level head when I am freaking out. You really keep me grounded.
  9. You are really smart. (variations: good with our finances, have a great memory, know so much about _____.)
  10. I respect you.
I would love for you to share an affirmation that really makes your husband shine! 


  1. "You are a good man!" is a good one too. So simple. But men seem to thrive off that comment when their wife says it. Great post!

  2. Mmm, there are so many things I love about my husband, but especially how he builds and fixes things. I love how he teaches my kids to do the same. And I need to share this!


  3. When my husband started praying with me (praying out loud over both of us), I told him how it was one of my greatest blessings to have a husband growing his/our relationship with God.
    We should think of the ways we want to be treated (respect, honesty, kindness, encouragement, etc) and put them into action towards our spouse as well as everyone we encounter. 'WWJD?' really is a great way to think...remember the Golden Rule at all times!