Sunday, March 10, 2013

3 Must-Buy Items from Dollar Tree

I am a Dollar Tree fanatic. I always check them first, no matter what it is that I am in need of. I buy everything from party supplies to home decor at this fantastic place. When shopping at Dollar Tree, there is always a chance that you are going to compromise quality, but many times I come across an item that is as good as or better than the full-priced counterpart.
The 3 items I am going to talk about today are products that I always get at Dollar Tree, and I usually buy a pretty large quantity. I like them so much that I won't buy the "real" thing at all anymore!
"Quick Erasers"
These things rock my world! They are just as effective as a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, they come two in a pack for $1, and they have a regular sponge on the opposite side from the melamine foam. The sponge is awesome for wiping up the little pills of foam that come of when you are scrubbing with a melamine eraser. I have a whole bin of these things under my sink. I use them for cleaning baseboards and doors, getting scuffs off of tennis shoes and about a dozen other household chores.
"Static Duster"
For years I have purchased these disposable-type static dusters from Pledge or Swiffer brands, until I found this treasure. They work the exact same way, and for $1 you get the handle and two refill duster tips. Dust your whole house in record time, pick up even the finest dust and pet hair, and then throw the whole thing away. This is another one that I have a whole bin of! Having dogs in the house means that I have to dust at least twice a week and these are not only super cost effective, but really awesome too!
"Swavitel Fabric Softener"

This is my most recent, and probably my favorite, Dollar Tree find. The Morning Sun scent smells ahhhh-mazing, and the powerful fragrance lasts and lasts. Most Dollar Tree stores sell this in a small bottle that says that it will do 9 loads. However, I use 1/2 of one cap-full and this very concentrated formula still works wonderfully. That gives you 18 loads for $1, or  less than 6 cents per load.  I washed my bed linens with this and my whole room smells wonderful! I also use this product to make my own Febreeze, which is not only super simple but way cheaper than the commercial product. In an old Febreeze bottle, combine 1 cap-full of this fabric softener and 1 tablespoon or baking soda, then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake before each use.
What treasure have you found at the Dollar Tree?

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