Saturday, January 19, 2013

The 1st Trimester (A Survival Story)

Yes, I have been absent from the world of blogs since just before Christmas. Holiday activity and travel coupled with a severe case of writer's block are not the only reasons for my absence. For those of you that do not know me personally, there is another (quite large) bit of information: I am expecting my 3rd biological child! 
My fella and I are very excited about this baby and, yes, we are still getting certified to adopt from the Department of Social Services. We don't know what all of that looks like yet, but we do know that we are at the center of God's will for our lives, and there is absolutely no safer place to be!
Right now I am about 10 weeks along and feeling much better than I ever did during my previous 2 pregnancies. They say that the Lord only gives us what we can handle, and I truly believe this. I don't know that I could experience the same severe nausea/vomiting/fatigue that I did in the past and simultaneously care for my one and four year old children, our home, pets, and prepare our lives and homes for the adoption and related inspections! 
While I am much for functional this time around, I am certainly not experiencing one of  those symptom-free pregnancies that participants of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" describe. And as a third-timer, I have come up with some 1st trimester survival rules that I live by, and encourage others walking in my shoes to live by as well.
  1. Sleep: Often and deeply. Go to bed early and stay in bed late (assuming there is not a hungry toddler or a cranky boss demanding your attention in the a.m.). Take naps and make them long ones. You are neither lazy nor narcoleptic. You are growing a person and this 1st trimester is the time during which your baby does her most rapid growth and development. If performing all of that within the confines of your uterus doesn't warrant some extra zzz's, I don't know what does.
  2. Buy Febreeze Air Effects: Everything in your world will begin to smell strange. I once threw up in my kitchen sink at the scent of oatmeal that my fella made an hour prior. Having a bottle of this magical stuff around will clear the air of whatever it is that is making your eyes water and your gag reflex spasm. I have found the Gain scented variety to be the least offensive and the most fresh smelling, because, yes, you may even find the smell of air freshener to be disgusting.
  3. Eat Whatever Sounds Good: In your second and third trimesters, I would not recommend giving in to every craving unless you happen to be craving leafy greens and lean protein. But, the rules are different while trying to survive these first twelve weeks. If it sounds appealing, chances are good that you will be able to get it down and keep it down. As an add-on to this rule, do not eat anything that does not sound/smell appetizing. Trying to choke down that grilled tilapia and steamed veggies in order to have a nice, healthful meal may end in disaster if it didn't seem appealing in the first place. Take your vitamins and make up the rest by making good choices once the queasiness has eased up a bit.
  4. Drink Tons of Water: I have always been exceptionally thirsty during pregnancy, but even if you are not, you will be amazed at the difference that extra water makes in how you feel! I have found that all of my 1st trimester crampiness and abdominal aches could be resolved by drinking a big 24 oz. cup of water. Drinking lots of water also helps you avoid retaining water and bloating and can prevent constipation. You will be amazed by the amount of water that you can consume during pregnancy, and how much you feel you need. During my first pregnancy my provider told me to fill up a gallon sized jug in the morning and make sure it was gone before bedtime. I could easily get that down as well as a cup or two of milk and orange juice. And if you drink a caffeinated beverage, drink enough water to equal it in addition to your regular water intake (ex. if you have a 20 oz. Coke, drink an additional 20 oz. of water.) This all may seem impossible, but trust me, you will feel so much better when you are getting enough water!
  5. Use That Pregnancy Card While You Can: If this is your first pregnancy, your partner will probably gladly fetch you another glass of water or that corn dog you've been craving. He will not allow you to carry in the groceries or help with yard work. By your second or subsequent pregnancy, the appeal will likely have worn off. Use it while you can, first timers. The world in general will be kinder to you during pregnancy too, especially with your first! It's funny how a first time mom with a cutely round baby bump gets the door held for her and help to her car with her two bags of groceries. Yet, when you are bloated, achy, 9 months pregnant and attempting to buy a cart-full of groceries with two children in tow, people just shake their heads and comment "You sure have your hands full!" or "So that's your last one, right?" Again, enjoy it while you can :)
Pregnancy flies by. It really does! Before you know it, I will be blogging about my 5 month ultrasound, then my birth plan, and one day my birth story will pop up and you will say to yourself "Wow! It seems like I just read that she was pregnant!" In this house, we are not just surviving, we are thriving! 2013 will likely be our most memorable year yet! We cannot wait to see where this journey takes us and we covet your prayers in the process.

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  1. Ha, I remember when the pregnancy card worked... those were days long, long ago! Last time around, I asked for something and then put a pathetic "Honey, I'm pregnant" at the end of it and all he said was "Yes, you are." I also tried the "I grew a spleen today" line this last time and he said "No, you didn't. That already grew. The most you did was add some fat tissue." Stupid involved husbands knowing what happens during pregnanc ;)