Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Day Media Fast: Day 4

Yesterday was Day 4 in our 7 Day Media Fast. To check out our reasons and a list of what exactly we have eliminated this week, read Day One.

Yesterday was also the day that investigators from both the Health Department and the Fire Marshal's Office came to inspect and approve our home for foster/adopt placement. On top of the anxiety that surrounded that, I began to feel sick. Not just the typical first trimester queasiness either. I had a splitting headache, mild fever, body aches and was as fatigued as if I had run a marathon before breakfast. I took some Tylenol and tried to choke down some coffee and prayed that the inspectors would arrive early so that I could curl into a ball in my bed. Since I could hardly get off the couch, a friend took Man-Cub to my mother's house so that I only had one little one to keep up with while I waited.

The first to arrive was the Health Department inspector. This was the visit I had been most nervous about. I had no idea what exactly she would be checking. The only guidance that I was given was that they would check for "sanitation and safety." While I think I have a pretty sanitary and safe home, I wasn't sure exactly what her standards would be, and that led to some maniacal cleaning and organizing the day before (see Days 2 & 3). First, she checked the temperature of our hot water to insure that it did not get to scalding levels. Then she looked over my dog's vet record to confirm recent rabies vaccinations. After that, she just asked to be shown around the house. During the tour she just stepped into the doorway of each room and peaked in. All those closets I organized? Never were opened. The inspector was very nice and friendly and the visit was very quick. She wrote out her report stating that we were approved and went on her way.

The Fire Marshal was equally easy. The inspector was also friendly and she quickly moved through the home, measuring our windows and checking that the smoke detectors in each bedroom worked correctly. She looked briefly at our fire escape plans that are posted in the children's bedrooms and checked our dryer vent and breaker box. After writing up a quick report, she too was on her way.

Thankfully, everything was done by about 11:30am, and I was able to rest for most of the day. When the fella came home he occupied the children so I could nap on the couch. He made them macaroni and cheese for dinner before he headed out for a student ministry meeting. I was able to put them to bed right at 7pm and took myself to bed not long after. That was the first time all week that I really, really wanted to turn on the tv and just veg out. I was too tired to read and I missed The Big Band Theory and my other Thursday night go-to shows.

Still, Man-Cub has not asked about his shows or games. He has asked when he can play Super Mario on Wii again, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that he was restricted from it for a week before the fast started, so now it has been a 4-year-old's eternity. Kids are so quickly adaptable and I am seeing that we are too. I thought that I would be counting the days until I could Facebook or Pinterest or watch tv, but really, I'm in no hurry....except for a boring Thursday night with a case of the possible flu that is.

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