Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chain of Gratitude

This is an activity that we did when I was a kid. I love the fact that it focuses on being grateful for what we already have. In my opinion, there is just way too much focus on what we are going to get at Christmastime. 
I started with a basic mason jar, and decorated it. I used some hemp twine and a handmade tag reading "25 Days of Gratitude."
I then picked a few pages of scrapbooking paper in colors that match my home decor, and cut them into strips measuring 1"x6" which I added to the jar.
Each night of December, before bed, every member of our family will take a strip and write down something that they are grateful for on the white inside the strip.
Then we will add them to the chain.
While the chain will start short and probably stay on a tabletop at first, as it grows we will probably  use to to decorate our buffet in the dining room or hang over a window valance. You can choose to either add to it year after year or [as we will do] you can pack it away with your decorations, then start the next Christmas season by taking apart the previous year's chain and reading aloud all of the things you were grateful for last year.
I pray that your Christmas season will be filled with gratitude, generosity, joy and love!
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