Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ultra-Healthy Smoothies for Oblivious Kids aka "The Groovy Smoothie"

In case you are not on the preschool TV up-and-up, there is a little show on Nick Jr. called "The Fresh Beat Band." The peppy, colorfully dressed singing actors on the show enjoy grabbing a snack and some impromptu a Capella at a little joint called "The Groovy Smoothie." So that is what we started calling smoothies at our house, and at least twice a week the man cub and I enjoy a groovy smoothie packed with fruit and veggie and dairy nutrition. And he is oblivious to all of the above. All he knows is that they are yummy and the blender is noisy. And the man cub loves yummies and noise!

What follows is a loose recipe for a groovy smoothie a la MommyJustine. This can be tweaked and changed based on your taste and what you have in the fridge.

In your blender combine:

-approx 1/3 cup skim milk
-approx 1/4 cup yogurt (we use Greek)
-1/2 banana (overripe is awesome)
-whatever other fruit you have, up to 1 cup (smoothie pictured has orange slices and blackberries)
-1 handful baby spinach leaves (this makes it extra groovy and adds no weird flavor
-about 5 ice cubes

Blend, adding more ice or milk as needed to achieve desired consistency.

    Now share with your child, who will be blissfully unaware that he/she is eating so many nutritious ingredients! Don't forget to get excited about making and drinking them, a little enthusiasm goes a long way in encouraging kiddos to try something new!
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