Friday, April 27, 2012

And so, she blogs....

I don't exactly know what I intend to get from this, or give through this, or even exactly what I am doing. The truth is, I have just had the idea for a reality show about REAL housewives for years, ever since the first "Real Housewives of Orange County" episode aired. Being that I do not own a television network, nor do I have contacts that do, I shifted the idea to the idea for a blog. Which I have been thinking about for awhile now. Of course, I know nothing about blogging. And the blogs I myself frequent are so shiny and pretty and aesthetically pleasing. So when I went through the surprisingly simple process of creating a blog, imagine my surprise when the end result was not the shabby chic, colorful, eye-catching blog of my dreams. Alas, I will learn. And grow. And change. And maybe share a little something with someone about:

-My everyday happenings and the hilariousness of my real life
-Artsy craftiness
-Cooking deliciously for a family
-Budgeting and frugality
-Imperfect parenting of imperfect children
-and of course, my faith, the thread that carries through everything that I do.

The blog of my dreams has hundreds [thousands!] of followers, exudes witty catchphrases and inspires fantastic cooking, crafting and living......yeah, we'll see!

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